Can I customize plugin according to my requirements?

Yes, any of the plugins can be customized. There would be extra cost based on … Continued

Do I need to buy support every year?

With the basic plugin subscription, you will get support for the 1 year. For the … Continued

Which payment method can I use to make a purchase?

You can pay the payment via International bank /wired transfer or Western Union Money, online … Continued

Do the WooCommerce MLM platform supports multiple languages?

Yes, it does support multiple languages. This feature is specifically for people who are not … Continued

Does the MLM Plugin supports WooCommerce and Magento platforms?

Yes, our MLM Plugin is perfect for both the WooCommerce and Magento platforms. Contact our … Continued

Is the Magento MLM extension compatible with all browsers?

Yes, we have developed our Magento MLM extension in such a way that it’s compatible … Continued

What to do in case my Magento MLM Plugin subscription gets expired?

You can contact our sales team to renew your subscription and avail all the benefits … Continued

What is the price charged for the Plugin?

The price may vary according to the needs and requirements of our clients. For more … Continued

Do you provide a demo version of the Plugin?

Yes, we do provide a fully working demo version of the MLM Plugin, so that … Continued

How is the registration process?

It’s simple. From the WordPress admin login, enter the details asked in default WordPress registration … Continued