LearnDash integrated WP MLM software is an exceptional way to earn affiliate income for online course creators.

Integrate WP MLM software to Learndash and turn online courses into affiliate products.

This integration provides a referral link for each course.

Users who purchase the course using the course creator’s referral link become the course creator’s downline.

These users will also have their referral links which can be shared to create their downlines.

When new users join using referral links, the uplines receive a share of referral income.

Thereby multiple downlines can be created and affiliate income can be earned.

Users can view courses through the affiliate link they receive.

To buy the course, users should click on “add to cart”.

Now the course can be seen in the “Cart” section.

If there are any discount coupons available, type in the coupon code and click on “APPLY COUPON”.

Click on “PROCEED TO CHECKOUT” to move forward with the purchase.

Fill in the necessary details and select the payment option to make the purchase.

Coupons can also be applied here.

Once the order is placed, you can see the confirmation.

Affiliate Link

After purchasing the course, the user will get their sharable unique affiliate link. 

When someone purchases the course using that link, the user will be paid a commission.

To claim the affiliate link, go to the purchased course and click on the “Affiliate Link” option.

Accessing courses

Select “Courses” to view the list of courses.

Click on a course to access it.

Inside a course, the course description and course content can be seen listed out. Click on a lesson to get started.

Each lesson can include text, images, videos and quizzes as learning materials.

User Dashboard

From the “my account” dashboard you can view your recent orders, manage your shipping and billing addresses, and edit your password and account details.  

Details of Commissions, Payouts, and Balance Amounts can be checked in the “Affiliate Dashboard”.

Select “Commision” to view commission details.

Payout details can be viewed by clicking on “Payout”.

Here you can see Payout History and also request a payout from your Available Balance.

The payout will be processed once the admin approves the Payout Request.


Admin Dashboard

Admin can access their dashboard by selecting “WP AFFILIATE” from the WordPress menu.

Commissions, Payout, and Balance Amount of the whole network can be seen there.

By clicking on “Affiliate Users”, the admin can view the details of all users in the network.

New users can be added or existing users can be blocked or activated here.

Details of user commissions can be viewed by selecting “Commission”.

Payout-related activities can be handled by clicking on “Payout”.

Here the admin can approve or reject Payout Requests. Payout History can also be viewed.

In “Settings”, Payout & Commission Settings such as minimum payout request amount and referral commission percentage can be set.

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