When the WooCommerce platform is integrated with the WP Matrix MLM plugin, the store owner uses the admin module and the customer who registers with the MLM program in the WooCommerce store can use the user module of the WP Matrix MLM plugin.

  • The admin sells various products through the WooCommerce platform with the WP MLM Woo-commerce Matrix Plugin.
  • While the customers make the purchase and check out to make the payment, they have an option to choose to be affiliated to the admin and become his downline member. They would have to purchase any product of their choice from the store and while checking out, there will be an option to join the MLM Network( MLM Registration. (optional)). They will be inducted to the downline of the admin and will start earning commissions for sales from then forth on based on the Product Price or Business Volume (BV) set by the admin.
  • The customers can choose not to be a part of the network or can choose to become an affiliate at a later stage by selecting the “MLM Registration” option. The customer will lose out on the first commission in case if the customer is not registered with the MLM program in the WooCommerce store.
  • Business Volume (BV): Upon integrating the WooCommerce platform with WP MLM Plugin, the admin can set the additional feature called Business Volume (BV), which would either be the Product Price or a fraction of it. Normally all calculations are based on product price and if business Volume (BV) is set, then all commissions are calculated based on this BV amount.

Admin Module

– The back end functions of the plugin are managed by the admin.
– Login with Admin User ID and Password.
– Click on the WP MLM menu to configure the settings of the plugin.


  • User-friendly and easy dashboard to have an overall view of MLM users, MLM info, E-wallet details, Genealogy tree, Recently joined user list, Income vs Commission comparison graph, Joining report, Top bonus earned user list, etc..
  • MLM user profile management
  • Genealogy tree representation
  • E-Wallet management
  • Effective Reporting
  • Password / Transaction Password Management
  • Settings configuration


Customers can follow the steps to join the affiliate program

  • The customer can register with MLM during their purchase to become an affiliate.
  • They can enter the sponsor’s name to join your affiliate program.
  • Once registered the customer can share the referral link to his friends and family.
  • If someone purchases using the affiliate link then the customer can earn the commission as per the MLM plan configured.

Features of User Module

  • Simple Dashboard
  • User Profile Management
  • Genealogy Tree Representation
  • E-Wallet Management
  • Bonus and Referral details
  • Unique Affiliate Link

How to Install and Configure WP Matrix Plugin ?

Look into the installation process and configuration steps to integrate the WooCommerce store with the WP Matrix MLM plugin.


Download the .zip file from wpmlmsoftware.com website


WordPress Admin > Plugins > Add New and Upload Plugin with the file you downloaded


Install Now and Activate the extension

For more information look at: Install and Activate Plugins/Extensions.

Set-Up & Configuration

On woo commerce settings, tick only the option “Allow customers to create an account during the checkout” as like the below image.

On Woocommerce Settings

On woocommerce settings “Account Creation”, tick only the option “Allow customers to create an account during the checkout” as like the above image.

1. Configure Product BV (Business Volume)

Once the plugin is activated, the admin will have an option in the admin module to set the Product Business Volume (BV). Normally the level commission is based on the product price, if the admin needs to set up with Product BV, then the calculation is based on the amount you enter. In the below screenshot, you will be able to view the “Product BV ” field to enter the amount.

Configure Product BV (Business Volume)
BV settings on WooCommerce products

2. Bonus Commission Settings

Next, we have to set the bonus commission from the admin module. Admin can set Width Ceiling (number of persons in direct downline) and Level Depth (number of levels) in the Matrix plan and fix the commission on each level either as a certain percentage or as a fixed amount (fiat option).

Woocommerce Matrix MLM Software Settings

3. Payout & Purchase Settings

Under the “Payout & PurchaseSetting” of the Admin module, you will be able to see 4 fields in the above screenshot to configure the following commission settings:

  • Level Commission Eligibility (LCE):– This is an added option for admin. Once the LCE is set (ie. greater than zero), then members are eligible for commissions only after their self-purchase commission, which is equal to or greater than the value of LCE. It is better to explain via example, suppose company A sets LCE as 100. Then all members in company A should purchase products by themselves till they reach 100 or above as Self Purchase Commission to be eligible for the commissions from the system.
  • Minimum Payout Request Amount:– In order to request commission payout from the system, a member must have a minimum amount in his/her account.
  • Referral Commission (%):– When a member purchases products from the store, then the sponsor is eligible for a certain percentage of the purchase as the referral commission.
  • Self Purchase Commission:- When a member purchases products from the store, then he/she will get this Self Purchase Commission.

Transaction Password

Transaction password is the password that members’ have to use when when they are making any kind of fund transfer transactions or payout requests from the software. The Transaction password is provided to the members via emails at the time of the registration process. The default Transaction password is 123456. System Admin will have the option to change the Transaction password.

Benefits Of WP Matrix MLM plugin

  • Woo-Commerce integrated with MLM programs will enhance online sales and thus the overall traffic.
  • This integrated platform is a perfect place to advertise and distribute the products worldwide via the affiliate links developed in the Woo-Commerce store.
  • It helps to promote business products and offers an easy way to earn a lucrative passive income for the customers. Thus increases the conversion rate by converting the visitors into potential customers or affiliate partners.
  • This plugin assists the WooCommerce store builders to maintain a good relationship with the dealing associates and also with potential customers or affiliate partners by offering MLM commissions. Thus enhances the overall user experience.


In case of any queries or further support, feel free to contact us at email address: info@wpmlmsoftware.com We are here to support you.