The members will get different types of commissions, for eg. Referral commission or Sponsor commission, Level commission, Matching commission etc.. All these commissions is accumulated to his ewallet in WP plugin. As this is a general plugin and we don’t know which paymnet gateway you want to integrate with. That’s why we just added following feature,
Members can do commission withdrawal request. Admin can see all the request and manually transfer to members account. After the transfer Admin can confirm all these requests. At that time the corresponding commission’s will be deducted from users account.

We can add any payment gateway with WP MLM Plugin. Once the payment gateway is integrated, then the commission will be transferred to member account either automatically or manually by Admin in a single click. If the admin chooses to transfer Automatically, then admin can set the commission withdrawal by weekly, monthly or when the commission reaches a certain amount. For example, admin can set automatic transfer when members commission reaches 1000$.