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Magento MLM

Have your MLM features integrated into your magento ecommerce platform and let
with our Magento MLM Plugin, you can manage your MLM business from your e commerce platform where you sell products from your online store.


How the extension works?

    Magento MLM Extension

    Now integrating the MLM features into your Magento e-commerce platform is just a click away!

    Install our Magento MLM Extension and manage your network marketing business from your e-commerce platform where you sell products from your online store with ease.

    Magento MLM Extension and its working!

    Magento is an open-source e-commerce platform written in the programming language PHP.

    Additional requirements, apart from the basic e-commerce facilities, can be integrated by installing those specially created plugins.And our extension is crafted specifically for managing your network marketing business smoothly. It is developed under the supervision of our dedicated team of experts.

    How the MLM Extension Works?

    The Magento MLM Extension from iOSS (Infinite Open Source Solutions LLP) turns your shopping cart into a multi-level affiliate system. Through this extension, affiliates can recruit, and refer sales to your website and thus earn commission.

    Our MLM extension offers all the high-end features that one can find in an advanced network marketing plan system. The extension enables your affiliates to automatically enroll into your affiliate program, get access to a backoffice for the affiliates to manage their business and recruit and do regular sales.

    It uses the architectural style of REST API, so that it is designed in such a way that it returns specific data to our backoffice software. The backoffice is hosted on our server/your server and the backoffice communicates with your shopping cart via the API extension.

    And this allows us to constantly make updates and improve the backoffice without interfering with your shopping cart. This extension would be a perfect fit for the shopping cart owners who are interested in a direct sales approach. With the integration of the extension, the affiliates will be eligible for a commission for the each referral they make and that adds to the sales volume of their parent MLM company through the Magento platform.

    Whenever a customer purchases a product and checks out to the payment, he/she will be navigated to create an account, where customer can fill Sponsor’s name and select the position where he would like to be placed i.e., either on his left tree or on his right tree.

    So what are you waiting for?

    Install our highly user-friendly Magento MLM Extension.
    And, let us handle the complexities of commission tracking and processing!

    • The affiliate earns a commission for each referral he makes that adds to the sales volume of his parent MLM company through Magento platform.
    • While his customers purchase the product and check out to make the payment, they have an option to choose to be affiliated to the admin and become his downline members.
    • They can purchase a registration package of their choice from the store and while checking out, they can select the option for MLM registration at top of the page.
    • They will be inducted to the downline of the admin and will start earning commissions for sales from then forth on based on Product Personal Value (Product PV) set by the admin.

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    Why Choose Us?

    • Dedicated team of experts
    • Excellent technical expertise
    • Round the clock customer support
    • 10 + years experience in developing MLM software, plugins and extensions

Features of Magento MLM Extension

    • Affiliate Dashboard
    • Downline Profiles
    • Social Links
    • Commission Overrides
    • Set Product Sales Volume
    • Affiliate Search
    • Configurable Settings
    • Affiliate Back Office Login
    • Unlimited Customization
    • Run Bonus and Report Generation in multiple formats
    • Supports all major MLM compensation plans
    • Multi Currency support
    • Multi language support
    • Multiple Payout Options

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