Magento MLM

Have your MLM features integrated into your magento ecommerce platform and let

with our Magento MLM Plugin, you can manage your MLM business from your e commerce platform where you sell products from your online store.

How the extension works?

  • The affiliate earns a commission for each referral he makes that adds to the sales volume of his parent MLM company through Magento platform.
  • While his customers purchase the product and check out to make the payment, they have an option to choose to be affiliated to the admin and become his downline members.
  • They can purchase a registration package of their choice from the store and while checking out, they can select the option for MLM registration at top of the page.
  • They will be inducted to the downline of the admin and will start earning commissions for sales from then forth on based on Product Personal Value (Product PV) set by the admin.

Why Choose Us?

  • Dedicated team of experts

  • Excellent technical expertise

  • Round the clock customer support
  • 10 + years experience in developing MLM software, plugins and extensions