Multi-Vendor System With WP MLM Affiliate Software

Are You Looking for a Multi-Vendor Woocommerce Store with an Affiliate System? Get Started With Our Multi-Vendor Supporting Woocommerce WP Affiliate Plugin

What Is a Multi-Vendor Supporting Woocommerce Affiliate Plugin?

Multivendor Vendor supporting Woocommerce Affiliate Plugin is the integration of the below plugins of WordPress.

  • WooCommerce Plugin
    Woocommerce plugin is the in-built open source e-commerce plugin available in WordPress.
  • Dokan Plugin
    Dokan plugin is a multivendor e-commerce plugin available in WordPress.
  • WP Affiliate Plugin
    WP Affiliate plugin is the affiliate plugin in WordPress to convert your WordPress-based website into an affiliate system.

How To Convert Multi Vendor Woocommerce Store Into Affiliate System ?

Build your multi vendor Woocommerce store by integrating the Woocommerce plugin and the Dokan plugin of WordPress. Now convert your multi vendor store into a perfect affiliate system by integrating this multi-vendor store with our WP affiliate plugin. WP affiliate plugin is compatible with and without a multi vendor system in the Woocommerce store.

Extend your online business with multi-vendor options and allure customers to expand your affiliate system by making use of affiliate referral links. This multi-vendor supporting e-commerce affiliate system helps customers to share the e-commerce website with their friends and family.

Multi-Vendor Woocommerce Affiliate Plugin- A Space For Multi-Admins With Woocommerce Affiliate System

It is a best-suited affiliate plugin integrated with a multi-vendor Woocommerce store. Use the Dokan plugin with Woocommerce store to have multi-vendor options in the store and thus have the multi-admin options available in the Woocommerce store. The WP affiliate plugin integrated with the multi-vendor store helps to have a track on sales happening, payout released, commission, total earnings, bonus. Manage your e-commerce store with multi-vendors and promote products and services with an affiliate system.

Benefits Of MultiVendor Woocommerce Affiliate Plugin

  • It is one of the well-equipped affiliate platforms to enhance online sales and website traffic.
  • Send the affiliate referral link to other users and earn your referral commissions
  • Customize the system with MLM plans to promote your products and services.
  • The admins need not set up a separate store to market their product and thus cost-effective.
  • Admins can upload unlimited products to the platform and a user-friendly interface allures more and more customers to the platform.

How To Install?

Download and Install the Dokan plugin with the Woocommerce store of WordPress and make it a multi-vendor store. It is very easy to install the Multi-Vendor Woocommerce Affiliate Plugin. Follow the below steps to install.

  • All the admins can place the folder in their /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  • Activate WC WP MLM.
  • A new menu item would be created in all the admin menus called WC WP MLM.
  • How Can Multi-Vendors Configure This Plugin?

    Multi-Vendors or multi-admin can configure the settings of the plugin.

    • All admin can login with their admin user ID and password.
    • Click on the WP MLM menu.
    • Go to the settings option of the Multi-Vendor Woocommerce affiliate plugin
    • The admins will be able to configure the General settings, Bonus, Payout & Purchase.
    • Click on the Save button to update the settings.
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