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What is Matrix MLM Software

Matrix MLM software is a web-based application to run Matrix MLM Plan. It is built to automate the manual MLM business tasks and to increase sales of the Matrix MLM plan.

For example, if it is a 3*3 matrix each distributor can sponsor only 3 downlines and the overall depth of the structure will be only up to 3 levels.

What is Matrix MLM Plan?

Matrix MLM Plan is an MLM plan where each distributor can sponsor only a fixed number of downlines and can follow only to fixed depth level. Here the width and depth of the MLM structure are fixed. It is termed in the form of matrix ” width*depth” and it is also known as Forced Matrix MLM Plan or Ladder Plan.

How Matrix MLM Software Works?

The function of customized Matrix MLM software depends upon the Matrix plan chosen.

The dashboard of Matrix MLM software provides the overall sales count, Total E-Wallet amount, Total payout released, Mail count It displays the graphical display of joining details, the various membership packages availed by the number of users, Options to configure overall system settings.

Configure the settings of the Matrix MLM software for the following

  • Overall system settings.
  • General settings to set the transaction fee
  • Configure the compensation settings
  • Configure the width and height of the MLM structure
  • Payout management
  • Configure the payment gateway
  • Configure other features like Sign up, currency, SMS settings, tooltip, etc

Matrix MLM software handles the complete wallet transaction of all the users and provides an overall business report.

Provides important reports like commission report, monthly revenues, joining details, payout released, purchase, rank performance, rank achievers, Total bonus, Transaction error and many other reports as per the client requirement

Integrated with support center- ticketing system and effective CRM in our Matrix MLM software.

Before registration of the software, you can try the free demo to completely understand the function and the features of the Matrix MLM software.

Benefits of Matrix MLM Software

  • It is a customized MLM software to customize the Matrix MLM structure as per the client requirement i.e to change the width and height of the matrix plan.
  • Efficient software to calculate the commissions quickly and displays the corresponding reports.
  • Displays the matrix structural view of the distributors and the respective downlines of the Matrix structure
  • Easy to understand the structure with the tooltip provided in the software.
  • Easy to configure all types of the compensation plan as per the client requirement
  • Effective software to manage the payout to the distributors
  • Effective in handling the overall account of the system with customized features.
  • Easy navigation, user friendly interface and a simple dashboard.
  • It comes with a software demo for easy understanding.
  • WooCommerce WP Matrix MLM Software Plugin User Guide

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