MLM software has become an integral part of the network marketing business. And every company, no matter how big or small needs to have one MLM software. Most MLM companies start small. Initially, they won’t be able to invest big in MLM software. So they will need software with just the essential features to provide basic functionalities for their members. A more mature final product can be developed using the feedback from the initial users as the company grows. This aids in the creation of a better final product.

The most suited solution for MLM businesses is Open Source MLM Software. In open-source software, the source code is issued under a license to use, modify or distribute for any purpose.

So why should MLM companies use Open Source MLM Software? What basic and advanced functionalities should an Open source MLM Software have? What must we consider when purchasing an Open source MLM Software? Let’s have a look.

Why should MLM companies use Open Source MLM Software?

Most up-and-coming companies prefer open source MLM software because it is the most reliable and cost-effective solution for network marketing businesses. With open source MLM software, you can have the whole source code, database files, and documentation. It has enough features to help you manage your network marketing business more conveniently. The most important thing is that you can always scale up and add more features or make customizations at any time.

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Basic functionalities

No matter how basic the open source MLM software is, there are certain essential features it must hold. Let’s have a look.

Multi-language support

MLM is a truly global business. Networks can be made with people from many countries speaking many languages. So it is essential that the software supports multiple languages.


Data security is of the top-most priority in MLM software considering the sensitive nature of the information it deals with. Personal details of members, their payment details, financial information, etc… MLM companies must guarantee that their software satisfies necessary data security standards.


User-friendliness is a basic trait expected of any software. The members of an MLM business may come from all walks of life. They all may not all have software expertise. So it is fundamental that the open-source MLM software is user-friendly.

Basic MLM functions

The software must cater to basic MLM requirements such as keeping track of your downlines and contacts, calculating various commissions and profits, etc… This is one of the fundamental functions of MLM software.

Support different plans

An MLM company would run different MLM plans. So the software should seamlessly support and be able to calculate commissions for multiple MLM plans such as binary, matrix, uni-level, and custom plans.

Advanced functionalities

Open source MLM software comes with the scope of numerous add-on features in the future. Here are some of the top features that can be attached to your open-source MLM software.

Investment dashboard

An investment dashboard is usually a page displaying the graphical representation of the present state and traditional courses of an organization’s key performance indicators to allow prompt and educated decision making to be performed at a glance. The investment dashboard must be precise and detailed to all the members with their plan and commission information.


E-Pin is a token code created by the software for managing transactions over the internet efficiently. E-Pins are highly beneficial for MLM companies. It is the most reliable approach to payments. Today, all network marketing companies want to sell their merchandise, sign-up fresh associates, and receive their returns using the e-pin system.


An E-Wallet is a function that stores details about internal transactions. This feature guarantees that E-commerce operations get done smoothly. E-wallet guarantees sleek and secure network marketing with minimal risk

SMS integration

Today, SMS’s are a powerful feature of MLM Software. SMS integrations will provide you benefits such as increased revenue, promotion, advertising, client interaction, and more.

E-Commerce integration

Today, E-Commerce has become an essential part of MLM businesses. E-commerce MLM implements the MLM practices across products sold over the internet. MLM E-commerce has turned out to be the best way to open your business to a global audience. E-Commerce integration is an important step in taking MLM business to the next level.

Things to consider

Here are some of the things to consider when you are on the lookout for open-source MLM software.


The open-source MLM software should be highly scalable. There should not be any slowing down in performance when a large number of people start using the software.


Always keep your budget in your mind. Go for the software which offers a number of solid features at a reasonable cost.


Stay away from software with operations you do not understand. Pick software that can be handled easily. Ease of use is one of the most important factors to look for in picking an open-source MLM software.


The open-source MLM software should be extensively customizable. This is important in maintaining the unique identity of your company and making upgrades as your business grows.


Always try to think from the point of view of your users. They are the most important factor in your business. The software you choose must be easy to use for all your users irrespective of their age or digital know-how.


Open-source MLM software is the most suitable option for MLM companies to stay up to date in the market. Here we had a look at why MLM companies should use Open Source MLM Software, what basic and advanced functionalities should Open source MLM Software have, and what to look out for when purchasing an Open source MLM Software.

Choosing an MLM software is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make for your MLM company. So make sure you make the right choice.

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