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WooCommerce in WP MLM Plugin

Now, you can enjoy the benefits of WooCommerce in our WP MLM Plugin in a single click.

The admin can sell his products to the customers as well as the registration packages for his downline members by making use of this feature.


Let’s have a look at how this is done.

  • The admin sells various products of his parent MLM company through WooCommerce platform in the WP MLM Plugin.
  • While his customers make the purchase and check out to make payment, they have an option to choose to be affiliated to the admin and become his downline members. They would have to purchase a registration package of their choice from the store and while checking out, they can select the option for MLM registration at top of the page. They will be inducted to the downline of the admin and will start earning commissions for sales from then forth on based on Product Personal Value (Product PV) set by the admin.
  • The customers can choose not to be a part of the network or can choose to become an affiliate at a later stage by selecting the MLM registration some time later. The catch is that he/she will lose out on the first commission in this case.
  • Product Personal Value

    Upon integrating WooCommerce platform with WP MLM Plugin, the admin would have an additional feature in the dashboard called Product Personal Value, which would be either the Product Value or a fraction of it. This value plays a pivotal role in the calculations regarding commission.

    The admin has the privilege to set this value at his homepage.

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Woocommerce Demo


Username: admindemo

password: 12345678


Username: userdemo

password: 12345678